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On June 22, 2024, Seek Foundation, in association with St. Britto’s Academy, Velachery, successfully organized a seed ball planting program at Sriyam Lake, Thiruvidanthai. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 35 students from St. Britto’s Academy, including Scouts and Guides, under the guidance of Mrs. Joyce, Raji, Jayalakshmi, and Mr.Mukesh.


Mr. Nithin, the Project Manager of the Environmental Foundation of India, played a crucial role in helping the students plant 100 seed balls around the lake. This hands-on experience taught the students the importance of environmental conservation and the benefits of seed ball planting as a fast and efficient method of reforestation.


Seed balls are a unique way to ensure seeds are protected from drying out in the sun and being eaten by birds. This method enhances the chances of germination and promotes rapid forestation, making it a vital tool in environmental preservation.


The event not only fostered environmental awareness among the students but also encouraged them to take active steps towards creating a greener future. Seek Foundation is proud to have inspired the next generation of environmental stewards through this impactful initiative.

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