• There are 48 families in the village. Everyone is involved in farming and 100 days job.
  • They are using well water for drinking.
  • Women welfare group providing loan to build houses.
  • Only a few children are getting college education and remaining can’t pursue because of poverty.

Children going for college                =          8

Children not going for college          =         4

  • No Hospital facility is available. They have to travel 5 K.M. to go for treatment.
  • There are 5 physically challenged people.
  • Only one person educated in each family.
  • One of the women taking evening classes for students.


  • Children those who are not able to continue their studies expect help.
  • Women expect for a handwork which will support their life.
  • Evening classes can be conducted.
  • For growing Cattles they are more interested and expecting help in the same.
  • They want a support for their drinking water.