Seek Foundation aims to kindle the curiosity of young minds in the domains of intellect, culture & sports. A platform  “Believe You Can” thus established to achieve the vision through Young Forum – Royal Grid Lock – Asset, which aims at knowledge, skill, and fitness respectively.  This year our competitions entered into a new dimension. Our competitions are transformed to virtual, due to covid. Believe You Can – competitions are organized to empower and strengthen the next generation.


  • Promotes higher-order thinking skills
  • Enhances conceptualization
  • Establishes confidence
  • Develops organizational and communication skills.
  • Develops concentration and teamwork.
  • Taps Leadership skills.

Young Forum 2021 – an intellectual competition was held from Jan 15th, 2021 to March 30th, 2021. Altogether 112 students from different geographical locations have participated.

The competitions of the Young Forum 2021 include Straw Missile, Sun Horology, Green Clock, Geodesic structure, Glow up with LED, Gen 5 cars- Homemade Robot Cars and Speakers Forum. Students were asked to upload the video on our site ( Judging is based on the number of votes secured by the contestant. This made our event to the next level of reach our site view has reached to one lakh. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Voting was opened from April 3rd April 2021 to 7th April 2021. The results of all the competitions were sent to their respective email. Student’s participation ensured our success of the event. Students are awarded with the Cash prize. The DD, medals, and certificates were sent to their respective mailing address.