The Young Forum 2023, organized by Seek Foundation in association with VKAN-V, was an exceptional success, drawing participation from over 200 schools worldwide. This online competition aimed to uncover and nurture intellectual talents, fostering creativity and innovation among young minds.

Our primary goal with Young Forum is to motivate students to explore their intellectual capabilities and provide a global platform for them to shine. The event featured a diverse array of competitions for children aged 3-16, including rhyme recitation, science experiments, eco-friendly projects, and PowerPoint presentations. Participants aged 16 and above showcased their musical talents in the Fefdy Musical Melange category.

Students from Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore, Bangladesh, and many other countries united to exhibit their skills, turning the event into a vibrant celebration of global talent. Winners were selected through an online voting system, ensuring a transparent and fair evaluation process. They were awarded certificates, medals, and cash prizes, which served as recognition of their hard work and talent.

The success of Young Forum 2023 stands as a testament to the boundless potential of our youth and the power of global collaboration in nurturing that potential. We are proud to provide this platform and look forward to continuing our mission to inspire and empower young minds worldwide.