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Don Gunaella Special School

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“Cheers to a new month and another chance for us to get it right”

We are blessed and happy to share that we have adopted three tutors from Don Guanella Special School, Poonamalle on June 28th, 2022. The primary aim of the school is to give Special Education, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Vocational Training, Sports, games, and Yoga Exercise for better living. Our Founder Dr. Vimala Rani Britto’s vision is to provide education to all children and give special attention to socially neglected, mentally challenged children.



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Since 2012, Seek Foundation is been rendering remarkable service to the deprived community. As a part of the 10th anniversary, it has established Seek Awards 2022 to celebrate and thank the organizations and individuals who are helping create sustainable economies and a culture of equality and belonging for women.

We were honored to recognize and celebrate not one, not two but ten exemplary partners or individuals around the globe as Seek Award 2022 winners. The event was organized on 27th April 2022 at Dr. Xavier Britto Auditorium, LIBA campus, Chennai.

Our exceptional awardees are

1. Ms. Priya George – Geo India Foundation – Education to Tribal people
2. Mr. Kirodha Kumar Jena – XCEL CORP – Employment opportunities
3. Dr. Balaji Iyer – Infact Pro Trainers – Supporting for Banking Placements
4. Ms. Usha Laxman – RK IPR Management – Art & Culture
5. Dr. Ramakrishnan – Apollo Hospital – Training students in Emergency care
6. Mr. Srinivasa Raja – Adyar Ananda Bhavan – Humanity Service in Hospitality
7. Mr. R J Vigneshkanth – Balcksheep – Media Services
8. Mr. Bala – Nasscom – Digital Education
9. Mr. Karuppaiah – Chettinadu Vidyashram – Educational Service
10. Ms. Kasthuri – Para Sports – Gold medalist

Dr. Vimala Rani Britto, the founder of Seek Foundation, shared her journey of how Seek Foundation has started and celebrates its 10th year. The foundation provides life-changing support to more than 1000 women. The celebration continues by motivating the women who have been trained at Seek Tailoring centre from various centres like Edamachi, keelakadi, Thirupulivanam, Manamathi. More than 120 women were honored with their course completion certificates.

Edamachi November Batch 2021 – Evaluation

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Seek Tailoring Centre, Edamachi November batch 2021 has come to an end. It is a six months training program. The training covers all aspects of stitching, pricing techniques, machine handling, and maintenance. This training helps women to earn income for their families and be independent.

The Evaluation was planned for two days 31st March and 1st April 2022. Students are divided into two batches for evaluation. Students were asked to stitch Frocks for toddlers, the time given was one hour. The evaluator asked viva for the students to test their skills. The Assessment was for 50 marks, which includes Internal 20 marks for record and external 30 marks.It is mandatory for all the students to submit the record.

Edu Centre – Child Development

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Seek Edu centres are not only regular “tuition centres”, where students learn the concepts and memorize on their own which in turn are monitored by the tuition teachers. In Seek Edu centre, tutors are well experienced and trained, the students are developed in

• Cognitive development
• Language development
• Physical development
• Social development
• Emotional development
• Spiritual development

Seek Edu centres strongly believe in a few principles in child development.
• Creative learning can always encourage students to activate their imagination.
• Play-based learning builds positive relationships with their peers. In turn, children play together, they learn to get along with one another, cooperate, communicate effectively, problem solve and resolve conflicts.
Our Students are improvised in all aspects of learning. All of them are getting ready for their annual exams.

Second Vaccination drive – St Britto’s Academy students

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Seek Foundation in association with Greater Chennai Corporation Zone-13 organized a Covid-19 vaccination campaign 2 on the 23rd February 2022 for the students of St Britto’s Academy at Velacherry.

Students work at Tailoring centre

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Our students from various Tailoring centre has almost come to the end of their course duration. They are getting ready for their final evaluation which is scheduled for 12th March 2022. During the course, they have been taught all aspects of stitching including stitching of Saree blouse, baby Frocks, Salwar Kamee, Embroidery work, etc. Check our student’s work.

Inoculation for Students below 15 years

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Under the country’s immunization drive, Seek Foundation in association with Greater Chennai Corporation Zone-13 has organized a Covid-19 vaccination campaign on 7th January 2022 for the students of St Britto’s Academy at Velacherry. Since it is the first dosage, parents were present in the campus. Students must have completed 15 years of age. A total of 250 students were vaccinated.


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Seek Foundation aims to provide additional education to children in rural areas. Rural children do not have access to many things that other children have access to. They struggle to get the same opportunities as urban kids. This initiative of ours is to uplift the children at an academic level where they can compete with other children from urban areas. The original aim of these centres was to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with better access to schooling.

In 2017, we started these Edu-centres in various villages like Manamathi, Poondhandalam, Porpanthal, Pulipakkam, Thirupulivanam. This step provides a child to have access to free tuition in the evenings. As people living in these areas tend to be more isolated from society, many find it difficult to find work and bring home an income. Seek Edu-centres have been a great way for these kids to have an opportunity at a better future, as they’ll be able to attend universities and become successful professionals. Although the Edu-centres are a good start, more needs to be done. These centres are established to enhance the school experience of the village children by providing them assistance in completing their homework, clarifying their doubts in their subjects, paying more attention to weaker subjects of the children.

Seek Foundation supports the education of more than 250 children through Edu-centres. In each centre, we have around 30-40 children. Classes are held every evening for 2 hours except Sundays. Today our tuition centers are run in more than 15 villages of Tamil Nadu. In each village, tutors are identified, appointed, and trained. The program also focuses on English communication for the children. We have Talk sessions and children are trained to answer simple questions in English. Seek Edu-centres now provide a safe space for the children to learn, play and explore!

Tailoring Workshop

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Seek foundation doesn’t fail to encourage and motivate women. It is an initiative from Seek Foundation where it brought around 45 women of the age group of 20 to 35 of Edamachi & Manamathi village. They were taught about stitching various types of dresses(umbrella skirts, normal skirts, tops, choli,chudithar,katcholi etc.) and tailoring techniques. This class was for about four months.They were also taught about all the parts of the Tailoring machine if just in case there is any fault they can solve on their own.

Say No to Food wastage

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Organic waste and especially Food waste is a worldwide problem, it cost to be disposed and nothing is gained from it, it causes the emission of harmful gases such as methane. Food waste recycling is a process to convert food waste into useful materials and products for achieving sustainability of the environment. Taking into consideration all these factors Mrs. Vimala Britto invested in a decomposition machine. She has drawn awareness among the people around the Esthell Village. She has also explained the people how this to be used as poultry fertilizer, soil amendment, energy source, even construction material. This kind of manure contains many  components, including nutrients, organic matter, solids, energy, and fiber. The machine holds the specification of

  • capacity: 1000 kg / day
  • raw material: biodegradable waste
  • process time: 24 hours


The objectives of this Machine are less Process time, Easy to use, odorless, and power saving. The designed food waste decomposition system is designed for rapid composting performance. The system employs high temperature, microorganisms to decompose food waste and organic matter. The prototype was able to decompose organic waste in a time frame of 24 hours with minimum harmful gas emissions and odors.