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Organic waste and especially Food waste is a worldwide problem, it cost to be disposed and nothing is gained from it, it causes the emission of harmful gases such as methane. Food waste recycling is a process to convert food waste into useful materials and products for achieving sustainability of the environment. Taking into consideration all these factors Mrs. Vimala Britto invested in a decomposition machine. She has drawn awareness among the people around the Esthell Village. She has also explained the people how this to be used as poultry fertilizer, soil amendment, energy source, even construction material. This kind of manure contains many  components, including nutrients, organic matter, solids, energy, and fiber. The machine holds the specification of

  • capacity: 1000 kg / day
  • raw material: biodegradable waste
  • process time: 24 hours


The objectives of this Machine are less Process time, Easy to use, odorless, and power saving. The designed food waste decomposition system is designed for rapid composting performance. The system employs high temperature, microorganisms to decompose food waste and organic matter. The prototype was able to decompose organic waste in a time frame of 24 hours with minimum harmful gas emissions and odors.

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