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Seek Foundation, in association with St. Britto’s College, successfully executed an impactful outreach program in the heart of Manamathi village. This initiative aimed at enhancing the financial literacy and sustainability practices of the local community.

A passionate team of eleven students from St. Britto’s College, guided by two dedicated staff members, ventured into Uthiramerur village as part of the outreach program scheduled for July. The event marked a significant stride towards empowering rural communities and promoting sustainable development.

The focus areas of the program included:

  1. Promoting Financial Literacy: The team emphasized the importance of saving money and presented practical strategies to improve the financial well-being of the village households.
  2. Technology in Livelihoods: The program shed light on how technology can be harnessed to earn livelihoods, equipping the villagers with new-age skills and knowledge.
  3. Sustainable Waste Management: The team presented measures to handle waste effectively, fostering awareness about environmental conservation and the critical role of community participation.

In a spirit of camaraderie and fun, the team also conducted engaging games for the villagers. The winners were presented with piggy banks as tokens of encouragement for the importance of saving. These piggy banks symbolize the beginning of their journey towards financial literacy and prosperity.

Seek Foundation and St. Britto’s College extend heartfelt gratitude to the participants for their enthusiasm and active participation. This event marks another successful chapter in our ongoing mission to empower communities through education, technology, and sustainable practices.

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