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On a vibrant day, March 22, 2024, the Victoria Memorial Nursery and Primary School in Nilgiri district was infused with enthusiasm and joy, thanks to a special visit from Dr. Vimala Rani Britto and the team at Seek Foundation. This visit marked another chapter in Seek Foundation’s unwavering commitment to child development and nurturing young talents across diverse fields.

Fostering Creativity and Skill

The foundation organized an array of activities designed to spark creativity, skill, and physical fitness among the students. A drawing competition for students from LKG to IX grade allowed young artists to showcase their imagination on paper. Meanwhile, girls from grades VI to IX indulged in the intricate art of Mehendi, and boys participated in an exciting cup stacking game, each activity carefully chosen to celebrate and cultivate the unique talents of every child.

Empowerment Through Education and Culture

Seek Foundation believes in a holistic approach to development, emphasizing not just academic excellence but also cultural appreciation and physical fitness. This philosophy was vividly on display as students engaged in traditional folk dances, celebrating their heritage and the joy of learning.

In her address, Dr. Vimala Rani Britto inspired the students with words of motivation about the transformative power of education. She highlighted the foundation’s vision through initiatives like the Young Forum – Royal Grid Lock – Asset, aimed at fostering knowledge, skill, and fitness.

A Day to Remember

The day at Victoria Memorial School was not just an event but a testament to Seek Foundation’s dedication to empowering the next generation through education, cultural engagement, and physical activity. It was a celebration of potential, talent, and the bright future that awaits these young minds.

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