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In collaboration with Fefdy Curriculum, Seek Foundation orchestrated the cultural spectacle, “Royal Gridlock,” themed “BELIEVE YOU CAN,” on August 4, 2023. Hosted by St Britto’s Academy, the event marked a celebration of diversity and talents.
In 2023, 23 schools participated in various competitions, showcasing outstanding performances. Royal Gridlock, designed to instill confidence, rhythm, harmony, and artistic expression, featured diverse events such as dance, music, drama, art, cookery, channel surfing, Adzap, lawyer up, 2 minutes to fame, and more.
Starting at 9:30 am and meticulously organized within the school premises, the event witnessed vibrant performances evaluated by expert judges in the fields of art and music. The thundering applause during the Valedictory function echoed the appreciation for the winners.
“The beauty of life lies in the diversity of its people, and the beauty of St.Britto’s lies in the diversity of Talents and Skills.” This cultural fest celebrated uniqueness, fostering innovation and eliminating inequalities.
As Seek Foundation, we’re proud to nurture such platforms that unveil the rich tapestry of culture and traditions. The success of Royal Gridlock 2023 promises a glorious path ahead, anticipating more vibrant events in the upcoming years.

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