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On the morning of Sunday, September 24th, Manapathi village was buzzing with activity as residents gathered for a significant event—a mega free health camp aimed at addressing and supporting general health concerns of the community.

The camp, operational from 9 am to 3:30 pm, provided essential health services such as blood pressure checks, blood sugar tests, and eye examinations. A dedicated team of doctors and nurses was on-site, offering individual consultations and advising villagers on their specific ailments, emphasizing the importance of continuous medication as prescribed.

In total, approximately 250 villagers availed the benefits of this health initiative, a testament to the community’s proactive approach towards their well-being.

What made this event even more commendable was the active participation of teachers, scouts, guides, and college students, all of whom played crucial roles in ensuring the camp’s smooth operation and success.

We salute the efforts of all involved and are reminded of the strength of community collaboration. With initiatives like these, Manapathi village exemplifies the importance of proactive healthcare and community engagement.

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