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Young Forum 2023-24

By August 3, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments

In the vibrant year of 2023, Seek Foundation orchestrated a stellar event, “Young Forum,” where 23 schools engaged in diverse competitions. The SMR Hall at St Britto’s Academy bore witness to the inauguration at 9:30 am, featuring soul-stirring choir performances and uplifting prayers.

Dr. Kumaravel Rathinavel, Managing Director of DEUTSCHE WINDGUARD INDIA, graced the morning session as the esteemed chief guest. He illuminated the audience about sustainable practices, emphasizing the importance of energy conservation for a green and pollution-free environment.

The day unfolded with an array of captivating events, from Rhyme Fest to Smart Techies Game Development. These activities, strategically designed within the school premises, aimed to foster a deeper understanding of themes and impart new skills.

Distinguished judges from the realms of art and education lauded the vibrant performances, offering valuable insights for growth.

The Valedictory function at 3 pm was a culmination of inspiration and wisdom. Mrs. Krishna Radhakrishnan, Mr. C.D Vivekanandan, and Dr. Nararajan Saravanappa graced the occasion with their motivational speeches, leaving an indelible mark on the students.

Seek Foundation’s Correspondent emphasized the power of silence and encouraged students to explore and excel in their talents. The announcement of results and the subsequent awarding of prizes drew thunderous applause, showcasing the collective team spirit.

As the National Anthem echoed, the event concluded, leaving behind a day of learning, camaraderie, and memorable successes. Seek Foundation proudly steered this journey of knowledge, talent, and inspiration through the Young Forum 2023.

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