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Mrs. Vimala Britto, secretary Seek foundation always has the vision towards Women’s Empowerment. Covid-19 has brought huge economic fall all over the world. The most affected will be below average people who rely on daily wages. Since men cannot find work as laborers on the nearby farms. The women finally decided to take matters into their own hands to secure their futures amidst the pandemic Mrs.Vimala britto encouraged all the women in and around the village in making infrastructures and materials made of coconut tree from Esthell resorts.They have collected coconut dry leaves and reething in such a way to make broomsticks.Some of them harvested large no of dry coconut leaves and immersing into water then weaving the leaflets in order to make small mat and roof for the houses.Ropes and floor mats are extracted from the outer husk of coconut.All these products are sold on their own without any middlemen and petty traders.
This became possible through Mrs. Vimala Britto who encouraged them to lead the family on their own and to feed the family. “Something is better than nothing”

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