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Seek Foundation aims to provide additional education to children in rural areas. Rural children do not have access to many things that other children have access to. They struggle to get the same opportunities as urban kids. This initiative of ours is to uplift the children at an academic level where they can compete with other children from urban areas. The original aim of these centres was to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with better access to schooling.

In 2017, we started these Edu-centres in various villages like Manamathi, Poondhandalam, Porpanthal, Pulipakkam, Thirupulivanam. This step provides a child to have access to free tuition in the evenings. As people living in these areas tend to be more isolated from society, many find it difficult to find work and bring home an income. Seek Edu-centres have been a great way for these kids to have an opportunity at a better future, as they’ll be able to attend universities and become successful professionals. Although the Edu-centres are a good start, more needs to be done. These centres are established to enhance the school experience of the village children by providing them assistance in completing their homework, clarifying their doubts in their subjects, paying more attention to weaker subjects of the children.

Seek Foundation supports the education of more than 250 children through Edu-centres. In each centre, we have around 30-40 children. Classes are held every evening for 2 hours except Sundays. Today our tuition centers are run in more than 15 villages of Tamil Nadu. In each village, tutors are identified, appointed, and trained. The program also focuses on English communication for the children. We have Talk sessions and children are trained to answer simple questions in English. Seek Edu-centres now provide a safe space for the children to learn, play and explore!

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