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SEEK FOUNDATION Participated in “KALVI SEERVARUSAI” initiative organised by the BDO and the education department in the adopted villages coming under the Pulipakkam and Edayambudur hub to improve the quality of instruction and to enhance the  infrastructure facilities. SEEK has been contributing to the schools and the school children for the past 3 years. During this event, SEEK donated study materials and sports and games materials to aid the development of intellectual and physical activity in the primary schools of the adopted villages.

Printing and Designing Classes at Pennalur and Pullipakkam

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Students of the Dept of Fashion studies studying at St. Britto’s college conducted Printing and dyeing classes for the ladies who are undertaking the free tailoring classes initiated by SEEK Foundation at Pennalur and Pulipakkam. They were taught to use different techniques in printing such as block, screen, tie and dye Batik and so on.

Exam counselling session

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Exam counselling session  program and Extra coaching was conducted at Edaymbudur on 16.02.2019, 20.02.2019 and 22.02.2019. More than 80 students from 5 villages benefited from the coaching. Approach towards exams, subject discussion, doubt clarification were held. Students were oriented in English, Tamil, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Economics, Math and  Accountancy. Staff of St. Britto’s Matriculation handled the classes well and gave them study materials. Students were given stationary to aid them in their preparation.

Planting Of Saplings

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SEEK FOUNDATION in association with St. Britto’s Academy organized to plant around 1000 saplings at the Slum Clearance Board Settlement at Perumbakkam Village of Kancheepuram District, on 12th October 2018.  The Light House- Student leaders of St. Britto’s Academy, Students of St. Britto’s Matriculation and College, took part in this initiative and planted the saplings enthusiastically along with the people of the village and officials of the State Government. The settlement colony is on the outskirts of the city where twenty thousand families are resettled from various parts of the city who have recently been evacuated and given dwelling place in the colony, where basic amenities, Health Care, Educational needs, Empowerment trainings , Socio-Economic Projects are being planned by SEEK Foundation to make the colony a model for all settlements.

Pongal At Perumbakkam

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“The Rise” – Global Summit of Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals 2018

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Dr. Vimalarani Britto has been honoured as a “Great story of Tamils in Woman Entrepreneur Chapter” and expressed as a great visionary by Mr. Balachandran IAS at “The Rise” – Global Summit of Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals 2018 held in Madurai on 28 th December. Dr. Vimalarani addressed the forum on the focus , responsibilities and challenges of establishing and successfully leading the organisation from the front with minimum back up of finance and manpower and building it on from the past into the present. She emphasized the budding enterprenuers not to fear for failure. She also urges the entrepreneurs to be the leader and not as a boss for successful sustainability.


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SEEK FOUNDATION in association with St. Britto’s Academy organized the “Joy of sharing.” Students donated eatables, books, dresses, stationaries and other useful items to more than 450 students of the Government Nursery and Primary school Situated in Perumbakkam Slum Clearance Board. More than 50 of the students involved themselves enthusiastically to present an entertainment program and also shared the gifts and made the day a memorable one. The   students  of Std XI  contributed  books to  the  school library through the money gained by recycling   old  newspapers. The purpose of this initiative was to bring awareness  of  literacy and the importance of acquiring Education to uplift social and Economic situation of each and every household.

Dr. Vimala Britto, Founder of SEEK- the NGO, congratulated the efforts of all the Students and the Staff and thanked all the parents and well-wishers, for their untiring effort to bring happiness to the underprivileged.


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Paleswaram , Edayamputhur and Marutham

SEEK FOUNDATION conducted dengue awareness program on Wednesday  14th Nov and served  NILAVEMBU KUDINEER  to the people of paleswaram , Edayamputhur and marutham ,  inclusive of all the school children in the village . The SEEK team along with  Duty Nurse from  salavakkam health center catered to more than 350 people. It is of great benefit for the villagers to take NILAVEMBU KUDINEER during this dengue prevalent season .

AmmaiyappaNallur and Pennalur

Dengue awareness camp conducted at Ammaiyappa nallur and pennalur for Government schools, private school students  and people of the village on Nov 19, 2018 by SEEK foundation in association with Govt officials . Duty Nurse, Health inspector participated in the program along with the team ..More than 500 people benefitted from the program. NILAVEMBU KUDINEER was served to the people by the health inspector Mr.Loganathan and duty nurse Ms.rasiya .

Marutham II and Kaliampoondi

Dengue awareness camp was conducted at Marutham II and Kaliampoondi for Government schools, Private school students  and people of those villages on Nov 26, 2018 by SEEK foundation in association with Govt officials. Duty Nurses participated in the program along with the team. More than 350 people including 90 students benefitted from the program. NILAVEMBU KUDINEER was served to the people.

World Environment day at Navalur 5.10.2018

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SEEK FOUNDATION in association with Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board planted saplings at Navalur, near Sriperambadur to mark World Environment day. Prizes were awarded for the children who participated in thematic drawing competition. Viable Economic activities for Sustainable development will be implemented by SEEK for people in this settlement.

Mrs Vimala Britto received “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AWARD”

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Mrs. Vimala Britto, Founder – Seek Foundation, received the Women Empowerment Award 2018 from Ms. Draupadi Murmu, Governor of Jharkhand, organized by Panache Events at Vels University, Pallavaram on 25th September, 2018.

Mrs. Vimala Britto..

 A humble beginning from a teacher’s family, Mrs. Vimala Britto started a school, St. Britto’s Academy, adapting innovative techniques, to enlighten the heart, mind and soul of the students.

Through her efficient mentorship and administrative skills, she progressed to developing group of schools and college, transforming 10,000 and more Children and Youth.  She emerged as an Entrepreneur and became the Director of Kerry Indev Logistics, the Managing Director of Esthell Hotel & Resorts and Co-founder and Investor of Premier Futsal, formulating a new concept in Sport to promote Indian Sports to an International Level.

Mrs. Vimala Britto, is also the founder of an NGO- SEEK FOUNDATION, through which she involves herself in activities towards Child Development and Women Empowerment. SEEK Foundation has adopted 25 and more villages touching 20000 families by providing continuous Medical needs – Camps and Health centers and Educational needs- School bag withStationery, Hygiene kit, Facilities, Infrastructure and Tuition centers . Tailoring units, driving schools, Integrated Agri projects, Solid block manufacturing units have been built to train and empower people to bring Economic Independence and Societal Transformation.

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