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Moringa as a natural fertilizer? Yes, All of us know Moringa contains lots of nutrition for the human, to add Moringa also has a lot of nutrients for plant life. It has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. The leaves contain a substance that stimulates plant growth and increases crop production.

By knowing the facts of Moringa, Mrs. Vimala Britto secretary Seek Foundation initiated this kind of awareness about Moringa – has natural fertilizers on 16th July 2020 to the people around the village.  Moringa leaf extract could trigger the activation of physiological compounds in plants to improve the damage caused by drought. Moringa leaves extracts can be used to alleviate the adverse effect of water deficit stress.

Mrs. Vimala Britto has a keen interest in Organic farming. She guided the people in creating a natural fertilizer from food waste. As a result of which huge natural fertilizer bag was created to form a good fertilizer for plant growth.

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