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Recent Events

Bridging Gaps: Seek Foundation’s Visit to Semmanarai Tribal Boarding School

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On a significant day marked by compassion and commitment, March 22nd, Dr. Vimala Rani Britto, the founder of Seek Foundation, along with dedicated members of the foundation, embarked on a…

Nurturing Future Leaders: Seek Foundation’s Day at Victoria Memorial School

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On a vibrant day, March 22, 2024, the Victoria Memorial Nursery and Primary School in Nilgiri district was infused with enthusiasm and joy, thanks to a special visit from Dr.…


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In an exemplary display of civic engagement and educational advocacy, the Nilgiri Adivasi Welfare Association (NAWA) in collaboration with Seek Foundation, orchestrated a monumental rally on March 22, 2024. The…

Talent Unleashed: Government School’s Day of Competition

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In an exhilarating display of creativity and athleticism, the Government Middle School in Pallikaranai transformed into a vibrant arena of talent on February 7, 2024. Embracing a much-needed pause from…
“Seek Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization founded by Mrs. Vimala Britto to address issues affecting human life such as health care, environment, socio-economic aspects, women and children issues and bring consciousness towards basic health, education and to stimulate work towards welfare activities to empower every citizen, to create a better nation.  “


To assist in educational, social, Economic, medical relief and the advancement of any other objects of general public utility.

To create a sense of brotherhood, mutual harmony, Love and affection amongst the people of the society.

To support the promotion of employment generation, rural assets, skill development, youth and women empowerment.

To promote innovation in technology, conduct facilitation programmers, institute awards to the personalities in field of production, science and management and administration in the fields of voluntarism.

To organize and conduct national, international, regional and state level seminars, workshops and studies in the area of human development, poverty alleviation and voluntary organizations.

To work for uplifting the status of women in the society by providing them training program for self-employment, health and nutrition service.

To propagate the need for tree plantation / pollution control and environmental awareness.

To create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, especially for helpless people.

To establish library and reading rooms for the poor and the needy communities.

To publish newspaper, magazine, journals and to reproduce works of arts, literature, science, crafts and other allied works/collections of works of arts for instruction and imparting useful knowledge

To provide help/shelter/facilities for old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare and to work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their overall development.

To provide free legal advice to poor people, create awareness among the people regarding AIDS, educate people against taking drugs and Alcohol.

To establish schools of all types at all levels and Arts and Science Colleges, Education, Vocational, Polytechnic, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Catering, Para-Medical, Nursing, Medical Colleges and Universities.

To arrange land, building and other facilities for running school/college/Theatre and sports academy/other institution/Library etc.

The trust may provide financial assistance or other forms of support to Nonprofit organisations having similar objects and to collaborate, support, network with organizations involved in line with the objectives.

To carry out or promote or conduct research on any of the above and related areas

To raise funds through collection, donation or subscription and other means from an individual, local, national, international organisations, Governments of India and Governments of overseas and invest money or incur expenditure in such manner as shall promote the attainment of aims and objectives

Community Outreach Programme

Women Empowerment and Child Development

Eliminating Hunger & Poverty

  • Donating Food items
  • Supporting Organisations that distribute food and clothing
  • Help transform agriculture
  • To become self -sustainable
  • Access to Education
  • Creating employment opportunities

Health, Water & Sanitaion

  • Medical camps
  • Health centres
  • Awareness programmes
  • Access to safe water
  • Sanitation in public places like Schools & Hospitals
  • Safe disposal of sanitary waste
  • Disaster Management & Relief Activities

Child Development Programmes

  • Good Nutritive food
  • Introducing Play in learning
  • Access to knowledge thro-Real & Virtual learning
  • Motivating Talents in Education
  • Sports and Cultural Activities
  • Exposing the talents in the limelight

Capacity Building Programmes

  • Strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities
  • Processes and resources  communities need to survive
  • Adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world
  • Soft skills, Personality Development, Leadership Skills
  • Enterprises Training
  • Technical and Technological Skills

Vocational Skill Programmes

  • Improved techniques in Agriculture
  • Animal rearing
  • Food Processing
  • Secondary Education
  • Micro and Small Industries
  • Khadi and Village Industries
  • Tailoring and Textiles

Talent Search Programme among Inter Schools

 Believe You Can

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Young Forum

Inter–school academic competitions where the inherent talents of the students are given an opportunity to be show-cased.

2015-2016                                        2016-2017
2017-2018                                        2018-2019
2020-2021 (Online)                        2021-2022(Online)
2022-2023                                       2023-2024


Inter-school sports meet which exposes students to various athletic, ­field and track events to concentrate on the physical ­fitness and sports-man ship.

2015-2016                                2016-2017
2017-2018                               2018-2019
2020-2021(Online)                2021-2022(Online)

Royal Gridlock

Inter–school cultural Mega fest focuses mainly on cultural events. Various competitions like Beat Boxing, Lawyer’s up, Voice over, Shipwreck are conducted.

2015-2016                             2016-2017
2017-2018                             2018-2019
2021-2022(Online)                2021-2022(Online)
2022-2023                             2023-2024              


Rotary Club Of United Chennai in association with Paralympics association of Tamilnadu proudly presents UCBL “UnifiedChennaiBadminton League 2016”. The League is going to be one of its kind involving both Pro and Paralympic players playing together as a team.


Chennai Street Championship

Seek Foundation presents “CHENNAI STREET CHAMPIONSHIP” in association with St Britto’s College of Logistics  Every Year.

2016        2017


The premier Futsal, an international and thrilling game, widely recognized as the fast growing sport in the world which is played in league is brought into India for the first time for the development of the Society and its Youth through exposure to international games and players.


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