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The goal of the program (OTOP – Work Shop) is to effectively integrate local cultural industries and to link up with different industries through comprehensive assistance measures for leveraging synergies and stimulating local economy prosperity.

They believe in fundamental local industry, economical local industry, cultural local industry, experimental local industry. Building a brand value via improvement on business models and make the brand stories known.


Taiwan has become the creative and design hub with knowledge based and logistics capability.

In Taiwan any New Product have,

  • Cluster approach
  • Add new value on own products.
  • Create the job opportunities.
  • Enhance the own business via itinerary link
  • Build up the own brand – upgrade the own enterprises by adopting technology
  • Strengthen the image of own products.
  • Turn concepts into reality.


Behind every seemingly simple and logical product is a lot of work of creation, development, production, promotion, and sale;

From Taiwan to India       à        Design & Branding.

Technical Expertise.

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